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Copies of the current issue are  available for purchase at the following locations:

Artisan Mill

Calkins' Vine & Branches

aPpierances Salon

Lititz Public Library

AdvRatesSpecialDigital12421CvrsmLititz Magazine is published quarterly and will have an initial print run of 1000 copies and will be distributed by mail subscription and through local merchants.

Our magazine being of a strictly local focus will be the only publication of it's kind in Lititz and the surrounding Warwick Township with a combined population of 26,000+ in more than 10,000 households with a median average income of over $57,000.

We offer a variety of introductory ad options and sizes at very attractive rates. To download a.pdf of our latest Advertising Rates & Specs brochure click this link: DOWNLOAD FORM HERE.

Contact us today if you have any questions or would like more information about our advertising opportunities.

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Email: LititzMagazine@mail.com


Have a question, comment or want more information? Contact us at: LititzMagazine@mail.com


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